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Farmhouse Weekends

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Menus for Relaxing Country Meals All
Year Long

Farmhouse Weekends is the cookbook for
anyone who daydreams of country life.
Prepare meals and experiences to enjoy in the
easy companionship of family and friends-
everything you need to create the perfect
farmhouse weekend, no matter where you
live, is found within these pages. Each chapter
provides recipes inspired by author Melissa
Bahen's weekend jaunts in the country: apple
cider donuts and white bean chili after a day
of picking fresh apples in the fall; buttery
cobbler full of ripe, summer berries after a trip
to the farmers' market; hot, flaky biscuits
slathered with butter and homemade
strawberry freezer jam to start out a spring
day. You'll find brunch, dinner, and dessert
recipes for spring, summer, autumn, and
winter: 65 recipes to entertain and enjoy good
company all year round.

Hardcover 208 pgs

Melissa Bahen started Lulu the Baker in 2008,
a popular online source for recipes, projects,
and snapshots of modern country life.