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How To Play in the Woods

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This book is filled with skills, games, &
activities for back-to-nature adventures &
camping trips. It is great for all ages and
abilities, from children to adults, and is a
must-have for anyone working with scouts or
youth groups. How to Play in the Woods is
also a handy reference book for campers and
outdoor enthusiasts who need to brush up on
basic survival skills.
Learn how to make rope from plant materials,
navigate using the sun and/or moon, build
shelters, and start a fire. There are activities
for teaching about safe knife handling,
gathering and preparing wild foods, cooking
on a spit, & plant medicines. And, for more
fun and entertainment, there are instructions
for making instruments, natural jewelry, clay
containers, baskets, & even buckskin clothing.
This book encourages and motivates readers
to be interactive with nature, to be free from
prescribed schedules, & to just play & enjoy
outdoors while relearning the wisdom & ways
of our ancestors.

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