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Mean Green - Hoff'S Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce - 6.7oz Flask

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We blend farm fresh Jalapeños and Habaneros
with lemongrass and parsley to create a crisp,
summery sauce with a delightful tang. This
handmade hot sauce pairs perfectly with
Mexican foods and melds with a variety of
dishes unlike a traditional verde sauce. Like all
of our handmade products this is free of
additives but full of flavor.

*****Naturally Gluten Free, Vegan, and Sugar

Green Jalapeño, Habanero, Salt, Vinegar,
Parsley, Lemongrass, and Garlic

Medium (Great Taste)

SUGGESTED PAIRING - Pizza, Pasta Salads,
Fish Tacos, Mashed Potatoes, Casseroles, and